This week, the Patriots Hall of Fame Committee convenes to put forth three candidates for fans to vote on for induction.

And the Belichick Era logjam is upon us.

Eligible for the first time this year are running back Kevin Faulk and left tackle Matt Light. Last year, Mike Vrabel and Rodney Harrison were eligible for the first time. Next year, Richard Seymour, Ty Warren, Randy Moss and Daniel Graham become eligible.

While all those guys are worthy of strong consideration and – in my opinion – most of them should get in, there’s a host of other players still knocking at the door from other eras.

Last year, Willie McGinest was inducted but the other players put up for the fan vote were Leon Gray and Raymond Clayborn, stars in the 70s. Gray, Clayborn, Ron Burton and Fred Marion are all players who’ve gotten strong support in the past that are now eligible for consideration by the Senior Selection Committee.

As a sign of how tough the process is becoming, Vrabel and Harrison didn’t even make the top three. Meanwhile, Bill Parcells, Curtis Martin and Lawyer Milloy are all hanging out there as well.

Somewhat overlooked as well- though a frequently mentioned name at the Hall of Fame nomination meeting –  is Julius Adams, who passed away last week.

The 20-person Hall of Fame Nomination Committee meets Wednesday.