FOXBORO -- What do Toni Basil, Tommy Tutone or Kajagoogoo have in common? Come on children of the '80s, work with me. They were one-hit wonders; “rock stars” with a brief moment but no sustained success. Brian Tyms doesn’t want to be in their class, but the Patriots wide receiver currently fits the bill, coincidentally, for his spectacular touchdown catch versus Buffalo in Week 6.

That moment spawned talk of the Pats finally having someone to “take the top off” the defense, but it never materialized. Now Tyms wants to prove there’s more to him than just the home run ball.

“I don’t really look as myself as just somebody who can just go downfield,” said Tyms after practice Monday. “i just try to work on my game altogether because i want to be great at this. I put a lot of work, heart, desire and passion into this.”

You can see that from the way Tyms carries himself in practice. He emotes. A great catch leads to an excited response. A drop, and the wideout will give himself the business long before anyone else does.

“I put everything in into this. When it’s football time, it’s football time. Nothing else is more important other than my faith and my family.”

That includes trying to impress us in the media tent (or me on my beach towel and flip flops. Hey, this isn’t my first rodeo). Tyms knows what he’s capable of, and that body of work is more than we’ve seen, at least when it comes to gameday.


“When I’m out there, no disrespect to you guys, but that’s like the last thing on my mind,” said Tyms. “Like the first thing is just to do my 1 of 11. Just do what I’m suppose to do when i get the call….when I get my opportunity to run something short, I run it as hard as I can. That’s just how I look at it.”

So Tyms' way of thinking, the are a lot more “hits” to come, and with Aaron Dobson hurt again, he’s getting that chance and doing his best to make the most of it.