While the NFL still plans on releasing its schedule on May 7, a report from Sports Business Journal says that regular season may not begin until Oct. 15 and the Super Bowl could be delayed until Feb. 28.

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Here are the other details from the SBJ article this week: 

- Moving  Super Bowl LV to Feb. 28, 2021, pushed back from Feb. 7,  in Tampa. According to SBJ, "specific conversations have occurred with Tampa hosts about delaying the Super Bowl by one week to Feb. 14, but a source said the last two weeks of February are in play as well." 

- No Pro Bowl. At least one contingency plan focuses on "cutting the weekend between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, where the Pro Bowl is typically played, to allow another week to be lost to delays. Under such a plan, the Pro Bowl would not be played."

- No bye weeks. Instead, "two weeks of early-season games could be shifted wholesale to the end of the season. A third week would feature teams only playing opponents with the same bye week, so that week could be cut and byes eliminated leaguewide."

The still-in-the-works schedule would be the standard 16-games-in-17-weeks set up, but it's expected to be designed to be adjusted depending on the status of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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