2021 NFL Mock Draft: Will the Pats land a QB in Round 1?


Maybe this is, for you, the worst-case scenario. I'd call it realistic. But, really, it's January. No one has any smidgen of a hint of an inkling of an idea of how 32 first-round picks will play out. So why not begin to explore the infinite number of possibilities with this one? Even if it, y'know, ticks you off?

The Patriots are currently scheduled to pick 15th in the 2021 draft. The optimist's view: That's one of the earliest selections Bill Belichick has had in his Patriots tenure, and he doesn't miss early. The pessimist's view: That's late enough to miss out on the very best players at quarterback, receiver and tigh -- why, God? Why?

It's true, there's a real possibility that the Patriots aren't able to upgrade their receiving corps with one of the top-three pass-catchers in the class by picking at 15th. And, yes, there's a chance the top four quarterbacks are gone by then as well. 

The Patriots could always trade up, but we don't have them doing that here . . . and, still, they land a very good player. It just might not be the player you wanted.


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