Did you get a chance to check out the new-look XFL over the weekend?

If so, you were treated to some pretty entertaining football games. The league looks to be off to a promising start. But does it have staying power this time around, or is it destined to fail like the Alliance of American Football did last year?

On the latest edition of the "That 617 Life" podcast, hosts Leroy Irvin, Shanda Foster and Cerrone Battle weighed the XFL's pros and cons, and whether they believe it will even last. 

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Battle started things off, noting he came away impressed with the overall presentation of the games.

I checked it out and I was engaged. I was locked in. At first, I thought it would be a casual 'let me just peek in and see what it looks like.' But I'll tell you, the first thing I noticed when I first turned it on, for some reason it looked like pro football. And I wasn't expecting that.

You know, you can turn on a game and you'll be like is that high school? Is that college? The old XFL, it just looked different. When I turned this on it was like oh that's a football game. The presentation was clear, the camera angles, the crowd shockingly was there and they were engaged.

Irvin was pleasantly surprised by the number of talented ex-NFLers taking the field for the new league.


I was scared there was going to be people like you and me rolling out of bed, getting into shape in like three to six months, and then show up there. I really thought that, and I don't mean no disrespect to semi-pro players around the way, but I thought it was going to be more of that and not these former players and Division I players getting in there and doing their thing.

Foster made it unanimous as she was on board with the product that was shown over the weekend, but she is cautiously optimistic about where the league will go from here and whether it will be around for the long haul.

I was personally impressed by it. But you all know, the XFL was really made just for entertainment purposes but also to give guys who have been trying to get into the league an opportunity to shine so they can get back into the league. Or, guys who never really made it to the league and give them another opportunity to get another look.

I don't know, do I think it's going to last? It's still kind of early ... we're probably just going to have to check it out and wait and see.

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