Rodgers plays coy about lengthy postgame chat with Belichick

Aaron Rodgers Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick's postgame handshakes usually last about five seconds on a good day. But Aaron Rodgers apparently brings out the loquacious side of the New England Patriots head coach.

After the Patriots' 27-24 overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Belichick shared a nearly 30-second conversation with Rodgers at midfield, which is an eternity by Belichick's standards.

Belichick and Rodgers share plenty of mutual respect, but it was still eye-opening to see Belichick spend so much time talking to an opposing player, especially after a loss.

So... What were the two talking about? Rodgers declined to let on in his postgame press conference, but did reveal that he and Belichick spoke both before and after the game.

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"Before the game he came over and we shared some words," Rodgers told reporters. "It's nice to be able to have some private conversations from time to time. He came over (when) we were in throwing lines, and we had a nice embrace and shared some words back and forth."

Rodgers heaped praise on Belichick last week, twice referring to him as the greatest head coach of all time and dubbing Belichick a "living legend."


The 38-year-old suggested he gave Belichick more kind words after Sunday's game.

"The truth is always the easiest to say, so the things I said about Bill last week, I meant," Rodgers said. "The way that he coaches and the success he's had, he's a phenomenal leader and always has his guys ready to play. Those were some of the sentiments I'm sure that I echoed, and the rest I'll leave to some of the stray microphones that probably cut some of it."

Belichick threw bouquets at Rodgers in his postgame press conference as well, essentially crediting the Packers quarterback for the outcome of the game.

"In the end, Rodgers was just too good," Belichick said. "He made some throws that only Rodgers can make. We had pretty good coverage on those, and he was just too smart, too good, too accurate."

If that was the last time Rodgers and Belichick face each other in an NFL game, they certainly went out on friendly terms.