Aaron Rodgers joins tradition of athletes arriving at training camp in style

Aaron Rodgers
Here's a look back at some memorable looks from training camp.

NFL training camp season is back and in full swing, and Tuesday marks the last day that players have to report. Teams will begin shaping their rosters ahead of the 53-man roster-cut deadline on Aug. 30. 

While training camp involves scrimmages, drills, team meetings and weight training, players still find time to have a bit of fun ahead of all the work. They often show up donning weird and fun looks.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn't disappoint as he had social media ablaze in his viral Con Air-themed look. Rodgers clearly seemed to be channeling Nicolas Cage’s Con Air character, Cameron Poe. And if there was any confusion on the twinning moment, Rodgers took to Instagram to confirm that it was indeed the look he was going for. 

This isn't the first time that a player has shown up to training camp in a spectacular look. MLB outfielder Yoenis Cespedes rode into the New York Mets spring training on a horse, followed by pitcher Noah Syndergaard on a horse of his own.


Here's a look back at a few more memorable training camp entrance looks:

Eli Rogers - 2019

Rogers arrived at Pittsburgh Steelers’ training camp in a semi-truck. The wide receiver completed the look wearing a hardhat, overalls, boots and holding a dumbbell.

Antonio Brown - 2019

While many players arrive to training camp on land, Antonio Brown arrived by air. In Brown’s first year with the Oakland Raiders, he landed in Napa in a hot air balloon and the year before, he arrived to the Steelers’ camp in a helicopter

Vince Williams - 2018 

In 2018, Williams showed up to Steelers’ camp dressed as former WWE star “Stone-Cold” Steve Austin. The look wouldn’t be complete without the cut-off shorts, studded vest and  championship belt. Williams was also sure to play Austin’s theme song out of his truck.

Anthony Sherman - 2018

Williams isn’t the only player to arrive to camp in full wrestling gear. Anthony Sherman made his entrance to the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp in a USA-themed singlet accompanied by a red, white and blue hat. It’s not the first time that Sherman showed up to camp in a head-turning look.

Jalen Ramsey - 2019

Jalen Ramsey is known for being one of the most eccentric players on social media, and he was sure to bring that charisma when he arrived to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ camp in a brinks truck. The first-team corner pulled up in a fake armored truck that was filled with bags of money, complete with a security guard who announced his arrival.