Week 14 AFC Playoff Picture: How Sunday's results impacted Pats


We have good news and bad news for New England Patriots fans.

The good news is that The Path still exists. The Patriots still aren't eliminated from playoff contention after the Week 14 Sunday afternoon slate.

The bad news is that New England still is very much a long shot. At 6-7 following their Thursday night loss to the Los Angeles Rams, the Patriots are still looking up at the 7-6 Las Vegas Raiders and the 7-5 Baltimore Ravens in the battle for the final AFC Wild Card spot, which is currently occupied by the 8-5 Miami Dolphins.

Why Pats fans should have an eye on SNF, MNF

Here's an updated look at the AFC standings through Sunday afternoon's games:

In a Playoff Spot

1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 11-2 (AFC North leader)

2. Kansas City Chiefs, 12-1 (AFC West leader)

3. Buffalo Bills, 10-3 (AFC East leader)

4. Tennessee Titans, 9-4 (AFC South leader)

5. Cleveland Browns, 9-3 (First wild card)

6. Indianapolis Colts, 9-4 (Second wild card)

7. Miami Dolphins, 8-5 (Third wild card)

On the Bubble

8. Baltimore Ravens, 7-5

9. Las Vegas Raiders, 7-6

10. New England Patriots, 6-7

Miami's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday kept the Patriots' hopes alive: If the Dolphins lose at least two of their next three games and the Patriots win out (the teams play each other next Sunday), New England would jump them in the AFC standings by virtue of a tiebreaker.

In that scenario, the Patriots would also need to leapfrog the Ravens and Raiders. Las Vegas did its part Sunday by losing to the Colts, and New England fans should be rooting for Cleveland to beat Baltimore on Monday night.


How likely is it that the Patriots will beat the Dolphins, Bills and Jets down the stretch and get the help they need to reach the postseason for the 12th straight season?

FiveThirtyEight gives them a 4% chance. At least it isn't zero.