AFC Playoff Picture: Pats playoff hopes take huge hit after Rams loss


The New England Patriots' already-slim playoff chances took a major hit on Thursday night.

A 24-3 loss to the Los Angeles Rams brings the Patriots to 6-7 on the season and makes their uphill battle for a postseason berth even steeper. New England will have to win its final three games to maintain a remote chance of clinching a playoff spot. After this loss, the Pats have a six percent chance of sneaking in.

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Here's an updated look at the AFC standings and playoff berths following Thursday night's Week 14 matchup:

In a Playoff Spot

1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 11-1 (AFC North leader)

2. Kansas City Chiefs, 11-1 (AFC West leader)

3. Buffalo Bills, 9-3 (AFC East leader)

4. Tennessee Titans, 8-4 (AFC South leader)

5. Cleveland Browns, 9-3 (First wild card)

6. Miami Dolphins, 8-4 (Second wild card)

7. Indianapolis Colts, 8-4 (Third wild card)

On the Bubble

8. Las Vegas Raiders, 7-5

9. Baltimore Ravens, 7-5

10. New England Patriots, 6-7

"So, you're saying there's a chance?"

Technically, yes. But the Patriots will need a lot of dominoes to fall in their favor over these next few weeks. Their three remaining games will come against the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Winning each of them is a necessity, but they'll also need the teams in their way to collapse in the final stretch.

The Patriots' Week 15 game in Miami is set for Sunday, Dec. 20 at 1 p.m. ET.