Watch Alabama's Mac Jones pay tribute to Navy with Belichick at Pro Day


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has a special love for Navy.

His dad, Steve Belichick, was a coach at Navy for several decades. Bill would follow his dad around the Naval Academy's campus in Annapolis, where his knowledge and love for the game of football grew tremendously. 

Belichick and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels were among many coaches in attendance at Alabama's Pro Day on Tuesday, where one of the top 2021 NFL Draft prospects, quarterback Mac Jones, put his talents on display.

Jones paid tribute to his former high school coach with a play from Navy's playbook. It features the quarterback catching a pass from the running back. Jones seemed to have a lot of fun running it.

Check it out in the video below:

In addition to honoring his former coach, Jones also admitted that he wanted to show the play to Belichick, given his love for all things Navy football.

“A little bit of it was, yesterday, I think we had a throwing session and I was like, ‘Let’s just run this play,’ ” Jones said on NFL Network after his Pro Day throws. “I guess Navy runs it a lot -- midline right play. I just wanted to show it to all the coaches that were here. But also, my coach from high school who passed away -- the main reason is my coach that passed away last year, he ran the wing-T his whole career, all the way until 2017. I just kind of wanted to do that as a tribute to him, so that was kinda cool.


“There’s more to the story than just that, but it was cool just to get the full-circle moment. Obviously, I know Belichick loves Navy and stuff, so I showed him that. It’s just all fun and games out here. I think the moral of the story is just to pay tribute to people who have helped you along the way.”

Watch Belichick appear to react to Mac Jones' errant throw

Jones would be a good fit on the Patriots roster next season as one of the most NFL-ready quarterback prospects in this draft class, but the 22-year-old quarterback probably won't be available when New England picks at No. 15 in the first round. There's speculation that the San Francisco 49ers will take Jones after trading up to No. 3 overall last week. The 49ers were well-represented in Alabama on Tuesday, including an appearance by head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Even if the Patriots don't select Jones in the draft, it's probably safe to assume that Belichick appreciated the Alabama QB's nod to Navy with that special play at the end of his session.