Are we all set with the Stidham experience?


Before the New England Patriots made the surprising move to sign Cam Newton, the plan was to have Jarrett Stidham take over for Tom Brady as the franchise's next quarterback.

In Stidham's two appearances this year as the backup, we've seen why Bill Belichick didn't follow through with that plan.

While Newton has struggled mightily in recent weeks, Stidham hasn't fared any better. The second-year QB was 5-for-13 with two interceptions during the Patriots' Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and in last week's blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers, he added another pick in 10 pass attempts.

Curran: Newton has a bad case of the yips, so now what?

During Monday's "Early Edition," our Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discussed Stidham's continued inability to seize his opportunities.

"I think that Jarrett Stidham has shown a tremendous ability to swat away every single opportunity that has come his way," Curran said. "You've got a guy who has basically given an opportunity in the offseason to perhaps seize the job and the Patriots still went out and got Cam Newton, who is obviously kicking his ass all over the field in training camp to the point where it was non-competitive after three days.

"Twice he's gotten in, twice he's thrown picks. I'm pretty much all set on the Jarrett Stidham experience to the point where I'm going to say, 'that ain't it.'"

Perry doubles down on Curran's pessimism with Stidham, but believes the Patriots should roll with the 24-year-old if the season continues to go downhill.


"I don't know how you could look at it and say he deserves right now to get more snaps," said Perry. "What I would like to see is if the season does go sideways, if it does go off the rails here and we're looking at 2-7/2-8, and we're in the last month of the season and there's nothing to play for, then yeah I would say give the guy a couple of weeks. Let him practice as though he's the starter and then prove it, put a stamp on it, put an exclamation point on it that this is not going to be our guy going forward so at least you know for sure what to do in the offseason when it comes to addressing that position.

"As far as right now goes, as bad as Cam Newton has been, Stidham has done nothing when he's been given the opportunities to say, 'Guys, I'm right here, I need to be the guy.' Because he hasn't done that, I don't know how you put him in."

Pats coaches address odd trend in Newton's recent play

For now, Bill Belichick is adamant Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback going forward. But there's always a chance of another Stidham cameo if the Patriots' upcoming game vs. the Buffalo Bills turns into another disaster.

Sunday's Pats-Bills matchup is set for a 1 p.m. kickoff.