Bart Scott really called for Belichick (the GM) to be fired


Bart Scott couldn't wait to jump on the Bill Belichick pig pile Friday.

The NFL linebacker-turned-ESPN analyst joined "Get Up!" for a discussion about the New England Patriots' 2-4 start, their worst record through six games since Belichick's first year as Patriots head coach in 2000.

Scott believes New England's issues stem from its lack of roster talent. And since Belichick is partially responsible for collecting that talent, Scott thinks the head coach/de facto general manager should be held accountable.

"This is a big indictment on Bill Belichick, and maybe Bill Belichick the general manager should be fired and on the hot seat," Scott said. "Keep the coach around, because the coach is outstanding."

Scott pointed to the Patriots' dubious NFL Draft track record -- New England hasn't drafted a future Pro Bowler since linebacker Jamie Collins in 2013 -- as evidence of Belichick the GM's shortcomings, and it's not an unfair criticism.

Scott isn't exactly an impartial observer, though. The former Ravens and Jets linebacker recently recalled how Belichick blew him off during an AFC Championship Game and has admitted he doesn't respect the head coach as a person.

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So, it shouldn't surprise you which side of the "Tom Brady vs. Bill Belichick" debate Scott is on.

"When you have the perfect eraser, the equalizer in Tom Brady, it didn't matter who was out at wide receiver. He would make it work," Scott added. "So, I think this is a bigger case for Tom Brady to say he was the reason that organization was successful for all those years."


Belichick has his shortcomings as a GM, and the Patriots' current roster is proof. But calling for Belichick the GM to be fired six games into what could be his first losing season in 20 years seems a little reactionary.