Bert Breer: Could Tom Brady want what Peyton Manning had in Denver?

Bert Breer: Could Tom Brady want what Peyton Manning had in Denver?

No free agency in NFL history will be like that of Tom Brady. The long-time New England Patriots quarterback has spent all of his 20 seasons in New England but at 42, he'll finally get a chance to hit unrestricted free agency.

And frankly, there's no knowing what will happen.

Brady could return to the Patriots or he could seek out another situation. What type of situation would that be? Probably a win-now team with plenty of weapons and blockers, but that team has to be willing to pay Brady, too.

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There are some more attributes that Brady could be looking for, as well.

As Bert Breer discussed on Wednesday's Arbella Early Edition, it's possible that Brady could seek out advice from his friend Peyton Manning. And maybe after talking to Manning, he could want some of what he had in Denver: opportunities to observe and participate in the team's front office.

Brady's ultimate peer is Peyton Manning, right? Peyton Manning went to Denver -- Peyton had some of that. Peyton was sitting in on things with John Elway and one of the things that attracted Peyton Manning to Denver was 'Maybe someday I'll want to do what John Elway's doing now.' The opportunity to observe it might be a good thing for me. Oh and by the way, I might bring up a suggestion here or there.

[Brady] and Peyton talk. I'm sure he has a very good idea of what Peyton had in Denver. Maybe he has a desire to have some of that stuff.

Of course, this is just speculation on Breer's part, but the overall point is that Brady's wants could extend further off-the-field than some have already indicated.

And after a season in which Brady may have felt a bit more "marginalized" by Josh McDaniels' offensive gameplan, as Breer, Tom E. Curran and Gary Tanguay discussed, perhaps having more say in an organization could appeal to him.

We'll soon see what type of situation Brady ends up in and what demands he makes in free agency, which begins in earnest in about a month. But as our Patriots Insider Phil Perry pointed out, there should be some more clarity about Brady's timeline once the NFL Combine rolls around at the end of February.

Patriots' James White reminisces about Super Bowl LI win after rewatching full game

Patriots' James White reminisces about Super Bowl LI win after rewatching full game

With people all over the world self-quarantining to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, one of the best ways for sports fans to keep busy is watching classic games.

Several networks have been replaying some of the best Super Bowl matchups, and on Sunday, FOX showed a game that New England Patriots fans will watch over and over again. 

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We're of course talking about Super Bowl LI, when the Patriots pulled off an epic comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime after trailing 28-3 late in the third quarter. One of the heroes of that victory was Patriots running back James White. 

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Like many Patriots fans, White recently took some time to sit down and watch the instant classic.

"It was my first time actually watching the full game a couple of days ago when it was on. It was pretty cool to see, it was a hard-fought game," White said Thursday during a media conference call. "We all expended a lot of energy out there, it took everybody to win that one. It was a great comeback, a great team victory. All that conditioning in the offseason and all those practices, that’s made for those moments."

White gave an amazing performance in Super Bowl LI and probably would've been the game's MVP if not for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's heroics. He ran for 29 yards and one touchdown, while also tallying 14 receptions for 110 yards and two more touchdowns. White scored three of the Patriots' four touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime. He also converted a two-point conversion.

White isn't the only Patriots player who recently watched Super Bowl LI. Brady did as well, and he was happy to share the experience on his Instagram story.

Next Pats Podcast: Is Cole Kmet the answer at TE for the Patriots?

Next Pats Podcast: Is Cole Kmet the answer at TE for the Patriots?

The New England Patriots have been thin at tight end since Rob Gronkowski announced he was retiring in March of 2019. 

They relied on Ben Watson, Matt LaCosse and Ryan Izzo last season and that didn't help them much on the receiving end of things. The 2020 NFL Draft is coming up in about three weeks from April 23-25, and you have to think Bill Belichick will be looking to pick up a legitimate TE after his Watson/LaCosse/Izzo experiment failed. 

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On this week's episode of the Next Pats Podcast, Phil Perry discusses why he thinks Notre Dame tight end Cole Kmet would be a great fit for the Patriots while also discussing big-time talents from smaller schools with Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan. 

Perry seems to be very high on Kmet, and his description of the tight end will make you see why.

Cole Kmet, from everyone that I've spoken to, is the safest play at tight end in this year's draft. He is the number one guy from the people that I have spoken to that are watching this class closely, the guys that are really invested in this position specifically. So, out of Notre Dame, Cole Kmet. Over 260 pounds, 6-foot-6, the size is the first thing that strikes you.

He is a true, solid wide tight end. He's not one of these 235-pound guys that's going to come in and essentially be a big slot receiver for you. Cole Kmet is going to be able to block, he's going to play inline, but he also has enough athleticism to impress you as a receiver. So, this is not a block only type of player. If anything, he's probably more polished as a receiver than a blocker right now.

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Kmet could be the guy for Belichick, but New England may have to make a trade for a second-round pick to get him. They don't have second-rounder at the moment, but they do have a first and three thirds.

Although some have Kmet being selected in the first-round, Perry's latest mock draft says otherwise -- leaving the Patriots with a chance at landing the talented 21-year-old.

Whatever New England does in the upcoming draft, they'll surely address some of their biggest needs to remain competitive in 2020.