Belichick attempts to clarify comments on COVID-19 vaccines


After stating last week that the number of vaccinated league personnel that have been infected by COVID in training camp is a "pretty high number," New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick attempted to clarify his comments Monday morning.

Belichick, who initially made his remarks when asked a question about the vaccination status of quarterback Cam Newton, said that as a team, the Patriots are better off if everyone is vaccinated.

"That being said, even if everybody was vaccinated, that doesn't solve all of our problems, as we've seen multiple players and head coaches and assistant coaches throughout the league test positive for COVID even after they have been vaccinated," Belichick said. "So, it's still incumbent upon us to be vigilant in really our daily hygiene and decision-making for the health and safety of each of us individually and our team."

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Belichick doubled down on his statement that no player was kept or released on New England's initial 53-man roster due to their vaccination status, Newton included. The coach also reiterated that he feels as though vaccinations are an individual decision for each person to make.

"We'll continue to follow all the league protocols as we always do, but that's not a factor in any players release or non-release on the team," Belichick said.