Belichick skips awkward New Year's question after loss to Bills


Bill Belichick has faced plenty of uncomfortable questions in his postgame press conferences over the years, but one question after Sunday's 33-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills might take the cake.

The New England Patriots head coach, lamenting a huge divisional defeat, was asked if he could share his New Year's resolutions. Needless to say, it wasn't the time nor place to ask Belichick of all people that kind of question.

Key takeaways from Patriots' lackluster Week 16 loss to Bills

"No, not right now. Maybe next week," a visibly upset Belichick replied.

Watch the awkward exchange below:

Belichick actually handled the poorly-timed question better than many would expect. He's been uncharacteristically patient with the media over the last couple of weeks as he recently apologized to reporters for being short in his Week 15 postgame presser.

The Patriots' loss to Buffalo means they no longer control their own destiny in the AFC East since the Bills own the division record tiebreaker. They're now 9-6 on the season and could find themselves competing for a wild card spot in their regular-season finale.

Next up for Belichick and the Patriots is a meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday. Perhaps that's when we'll finally get to hear him share his much-anticipated list of personal goals for 2022.