Every time Bill Belichick opens his mouth about Tompa Brady he sounds like a sour puss. What a freakin’ baby.

It was my understanding that Bill didn’t talk about the past. But that wasn’t the case when he made his case on why the Patriots can win without Brady on the NFL Network's "Schedule Release '20" special Thursday night. 

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If you haven’t already, click below to listen for yourself. 

I love technology. One less quote I have to write.

So, Bill chirped about how they went 11-5 with Matt Cassel after Tompa got hurt and then he didn’t hesitate to mention Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension that led to appearances by Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett. 

In his Patriot career, Tompa Brady played in 326 regular season and postseason games combined. I don’t have to mention winning six of nine Super Bowls. Brady played in 241 straight regular season and playoff games from the day he took over for Drew Bledsoe in the second game of the 2001 season until he blew out his knee against Kansas City in 2008 season opener. 

And Belichick pumps up the 20 games Brady did not play in? 


Yes, Matt Cassel shocked the world when he led the Brady-less Patriots to that 11-5 campaign into another postseason… WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! In that 11-5 season Bill touted, the Patriots DID NOT make the playoffs. After a 16-0 regular season and loss in the Super Bowl that still stings, the Pats stayed home for the playoffs.


Why? Ohhhh… I don’t know. Maybe because the 2007 MVP was hurt. Ya think?

God, Bill. Get over it! Tompa has had nothing but praise for you. Try doing the same for him. You sound like a child. 

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