Bills coach McDermott explains what long handshake with Belichick meant to him


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's postgame handshakes with the opposing coach usually are pretty short. A quick handshake and maybe a few words, and then it's on to the locker room.

Sunday night was different, though.

Belichick and Bills head coach Sean McDermott had a long embrace after Buffalo's 38-9 win over the Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Monday night. Belichick shook McDermott's hand, patted him on the back and appeared to have a longer-than-normal conversation. 

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McDermott was asked about the exchange in his press conference following the win, and he was very appreciative of what Belichick said to him.

"Yeah, I mean, listen, I've been on the other side of it before. And so he was very complimentary, and I certainly appreciate that," McDermott explained. "And as you mentioned, a lot of respect for what he's been able to do. So I just think it says a lot about the way we're doing things as an organization, not just on the field what people see, but off the field.

"It's not just the team I'm talking about. It's the extended team, the way we do things, in ticketing, community relations, the business side of our operation and organization, so I just think it's a standard across the board, not just on the field."

McDermott added: "He's a legend in terms of what he's been able to do and I certainly appreciate that and I'm humbled by it."

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The Bills ended the Patriots' streak of 11 consecutive AFC East titles this season, and on Monday they became the first divisional opponent to sweep the Patriots in a season since 2000.

We might have witnessed a changing of the guard in Week 16. The Bills roster is set up nicely for a prolonged run of success, led by quarterback and MVP candidate Josh Allen.

Belichick and the Patriots have a lot of work to do this offseason to get on the Bills' level.