Breer: NFL 'uniformly impressed' with Mac Jones in preseason


Even before Tuesday's news that the New England Patriots would be going with Mac Jones as their starting quarterback, reaction to the rookie around the NFL has been overwhelmingly positive.

Appearing Tuesday on Early Edition, Albert Breer said that one coach with the New York Giants even told him that in Wednesday's joint practices between the teams, Jones reminded him of another quarterback who spent 20 years with the franchise.

"Just from last week, talking with some of the Giants coaches, I had one guy there tell me he looked like Tom [Brady]," Breer said.

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The main thing, Breer said, is the trust that the Patriots have shown in Jones, most notably the amount of times he'd been sent out in no-huddle and empty situations.

Jones struggled a bit more in Thursday's joint practice session, to which the coach noted that New York threw more pressure on him and did more to confuse him.

"He's shown great potential, but because he's a rookie, as advanced as he might be coming from Nick Saban's program at Alabama, there are going to be some bumps," Breer said. "That's part of what you signed up for when you decide to start a rookie."