Brett Favre: Josh Allen 'will be the new Tom Brady'


To say Josh Allen has been impressive so far in 2020 would be a major understatement.

Through the first four games of the season, Allen has a 70.9 completion percentage, 12 touchdown passes, 1,326 passing yards, and only one interception. He also already has three rushing TDs and has led the Buffalo Bills to a 4-0 record.

Plenty are hopping on the Josh Allen hype train after his hot start, including legendary NFL QB Brett Favre. Tuesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre even said he believes Allen will be the new Tom Brady.

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"Man, he looks awesome. That kid is a tremendous talent," said Favre. "He can sling it, he can move, but more than anything we saw that with him the last few years. But what we're seeing now is he's taking it to the next level. He's winning games.

"For Buffalo fans and the organization, it's what you've been waiting to see and you've gotten it. His time is now and I think it's going to be for quite a while. I think Josh Allen will be the new Tom Brady. At some point, he will be running the division. I believe that."

Watch the clip below: 

It may seem asinine for Favre to compare Allen to a six-time Super Bowl champion, but what he said actually isn't all that outlandish. Favre is saying Allen has what it takes to keep the Bills at the top of the AFC East for years to come, just as Brady did with New England. Considering the state of the division, that isn't farfetched if Allen can maintain this level of production.


All of that said, Allen will need to prove his stellar start isn't just a flash in the pan. Difficult upcoming matchups against the Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks will tell us a lot more about the 24-year-old.