Broncos' Gordon sounds off on NFL for moving Patriots game


The New England Patriots likely were relieved about not having to play Monday after having another positive COVID-19 test on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos? Not so much.

The Broncos have had no positive COVID-19 tests and practiced all week to prepare for their Week 5 matchup with the Patriots. Hours before their scheduled trip to New England, though, the NFL postponed the game until Week 6.

Report: Pats players balked at idea of playing Broncos on Monday

Here's how star Denver running back Melvin Gordon feels about that development:

Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb shared a similar sentiment.

Gordon and Chubb's frustration is understandable. The Broncos originally had a Week 8 bye, but now their "bye" comes in Week 5 -- and it's not a true week off because the team practiced throughout the week.

They've also followed the NFL's COVID-19 protocols to date and ostensibly are being punished for the Patriots' positive tests.

The NFL knew these scenarios could come up when it decided to play the season, though, and teams will have to adapt to sudden schedule changes if they want to make it through the year.

For the Broncos, that means stomaching a week of lost practices and bracing for future changes, as the NFL now needs to reschedule their Week 6 contest with the Miami Dolphins.