Bruce Arians taking a page from Bill Belichick's book with Tom Brady treatment


Here's one common perception about what drew Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bruce Arians is a "player's coach" whose more friendly attitude will be a welcome respite for the quarterback after 20 years of dealing with Bill Belichick.

That might be true to some extent. But Arians wants you to know that the six-time Super Bowl champion won't get any special treatment in Tampa Bay.

"He’s just another guy. He gets cussed out like everybody else, so it’s no different that way," Arians told reporters Wednesday in a video conference.

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That's exactly how Belichick treated Brady in New England, as there are legendary stories of the Patriots head coach ripping TB12 in film sessions in front of the entire team.

Arians' version of "cussing out" Brady might look very different than Belichick's, but at least he's committed to showing that the 43-year-old won't be above criticism.

Arians also has worked with enough elite quarterbacks -- from Peyton Manning in Indianapolis to Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh -- to know Brady will be his own toughest critic.

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"It’s non-stop grind with him," Arians said. "It was the same way with Peyton. I think they all have the same qualities of willing themselves on other people to win and making them accept it quickly. All the good ones, they all had it. When they talked, everybody listened, and Tom has that for sure."

Arians also pointed out that Brady didn't need any prodding to organize Tampa-area throwing sessions with his Bucs teammates as early as May after joining the team in March.

"Obviously he has the rings and all that, but what he did over at Berkeley [Prep], that was strictly on him," Arians said. "Nobody edged him on to do that. He was like, ‘Hey, let’s get going.’ Right now, he’s tired of walkthroughs already. He’s like, ‘We’ve got to practice.’ We’ve got to wait about five more days, but yeah, I love that about him."

Arians clearly appreciates Brady's passion and respects the veteran QB's pedigree. But with that respect comes the right to call out his signal-caller if warranted.