Buccaneers QBs coach reveals details of secret Tom Brady-Peyton meeting from years ago


When Tom Brady met his new quarterbacks coach for the first time, Clyde Christensen had a folder of notes on Brady that he had gathered from another future Hall of Fame QB he had coached.

Christensen, on the Indianapolis Colts staff in various positions (including QBs coach and offensive coordinator) from 2002-15 with Peyton Manning at quarterback, talked about his first meeting with the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB on "The Pat McAfee Show" this week. 

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"I brought out a file and I had all this stuff about his offense and he goes, 'Where'd you get that?' " Christensen told the ex-Colts punter-turned-Barstool Sports' podcast host.

 "I know a little bit more than you think I know about you," Christensen said he told Brady.

The Brady-Manning discussion begins at about the 29-minute mark.

Christensen went on to reveal a story about a secret meeting Manning and Brady had in Tennessee one summer in Manning's Colts days.  

"I remember one year, we always had a project for Peyton [in the offseason]," he recalled. "We said, hey, bring Brady down to Chatanooga, sit on the lake, work out, throw, exchange ideas. He's the one guy who really at this point in his career can understand what you go through. It was post-30 [years old for each QB. Manning is about a year-and-half older than Brady]. They had a little one-on-one where they throw all morning, lift weights, run, hit the golf ball around and go sit and talk about everything from how do I handle the media to how do I handle a 'Bear' [a.k.a. goal-line] defense."


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Manning had passed his notes on to Christensen, who has since moved on to the Bucs. When Tampa Bay landed TB12 in free agency, it was time for Christensen to let Brady know what he knew about him. 

"I had all these pages of notes I start reading them off about Chatanooga, so, of course, I knew about it, but how they kept the thing secret, I'll never know. No one ever heard about it. It was unbelievable. Those guys went hard for 48 hours, just exchanged ideas," Christensen recalled. 

"Tom said, 'I've gotta pull out those notes. I got so many things from Peyton, too."

Safe to say that Brady and Manning will have more to talk about than just golf when they get together for their match with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson scheduled for May.