Tom Brady has a new elite wide receiver to throw to -- who happens to wear the former New England Patriots quarterback's number.

Buccaneers wideout Chris Godwin (No. 12 on Tampa Bay's roster) led the team in 2019 with 86 receptions for 1,333 receiving yards, third-most in the NFL.

That kind of talent earns you a call from the GOAT. Shortly after Brady made his signing official, Godwin told's Casey Phillips that he and Brady recently had a productive phone call.

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"Just starting a conversation, starting a relationship," Godwin told Phillips. "He reached out to me just saying he was excited to come down and play together, and I echoed that sentiment.

" ... I let him know that I'm excited to play with him, as I know a lot of guys are, but he seems equally as excited about this new challenge, this new chapter in life."

So, what about that jersey number?

Godwin said Brady didn't mention whether he'd want to take No. 12 from the wide receiver or choose his own number. But it sounds like the 24-year-old is only letting go of No. 12 if asked.

"If he doesn't want it and he's not making a big deal out of it, I'm definitely going to keep it," Godwin said. "But we'll see how that goes. Just out of respect for what he's done, what he's accomplished and the career he's built for himself, you've kind of got to lean into that respect."


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Considering Brady has an entire brand (TB12 Sports) built around his number with the Patriots, we'd imagine he and Godwin will work something out.

Sartorial preferences aside, Godwin seems thrilled to play with Brady, who had a (relative) down year in 2019 at age 42 but in Godwin's mind still brings a lot to the table.

"The possibilities are endless," Godwin said of Brady leading Tampa Bay's offense. "Just having a guy that is not only as accomplished as he is, but as smart as he is, being able to come in and just be a personable guy.

"He seems very open to helping guys learn, and that's what I'm here for."

If Brady can get Godwin, Pro Bowler Mike Evans and tight ends O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate on the same page, the Bucs might make serious noise in the NFC this season.