Tom Brady apparently got the message.

The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback recently was asked to leave a Tampa-area park that was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Brady still needs to get a sweat in as he prepares for his 21st NFL season and first without the New England Patriots.

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According to the brief video he posted to his Instagram story Monday night, it appears he found a spot where he won't be bothered.

That looks like the backyard of the multi-million-dollar mansion he's renting from Derek Jeter in the Davis Islands neighborhood of Tampa.

Jeter's mansion is right on the water, so there's not a ton of yard space for Brady to work with compared to the acres of fields that surrounded his former home in Brookline, Mass.

But at least the 42-year-old can run through ladder drills without worrying about getting the boot from a park ranger. (Side note: It looks like Brady is still wearing his old logo-less Patriots helmet; perhaps his new Bucs helmet hasn't come in the mail yet.)

Another benefit of his new location? He can go right from working out to jet-skiing with the kids.

Nope, can't do that in New England.


Brady has plenty of work to do to get up to speed with his new team, but he has some peace of mind knowing neither he nor the Bucs will be punished for potentially skirting the rules earlier this offseason.