After Malcolm Butler mysteriously sat out the entire Super Bowl, it was pretty obvious his time in New England was over.

Today's free agency action confirmed that thought and he was scooped up by the Tennessee Titans.

Danny Amendola's future was a little more uncertain, but now we know he is heading to South Beach to play for the Dolphins.

Butler immediately rejoins his former teammate Logan Ryan who had an interesting reaction to the deal.

But Ryan sang a much less cryptic tune when he texted back and forth with Albert Breer.

TheΒ McCourty brothers wereΒ also fired up about the opportunity and money Butler is landing. The first tweet is from Jason McCourty, the second from Devin McCourty.

Julian Edelman reached out to his bro Danny Amendola as he departs for South Beach.

Tom Brady also showered love on his favorite third down receiver this past season.