The Malcolm Butler mystery gets curiouser and curiouser with the release of an episode of the Sports Illustrated and Amazon mini-documentary series "SI: Under The Cover"  that focuses on the former Patriots cornerback's free agency. 

Butler said while he stood on the sideline during the Super Bowl - benched for still fully unexplained reasons - he wanted to ask Bill Belichick or Matt Patricia for an explanation, but just "stayed in my lane."

“There was times when I was on the sideline and I just wanted to go up and say to Belichick or Matt Patricia and just say, ‘Is this how we’re gonna end this?’ I grew up in the Patriots system and I’m a man of God. I respect my authority and I just couldn’t ask them for something they didn’t want to do. I just was doing my job. I was close to going up there and saying what I wanted to say to Matt or Belichick, but I just stayed in my lane and just did my job. And I really wanted to go ask him, but I didn’t,” Butler said.


Butler, who wound up signing a five-year, $61 million contract with the Tennessee Titans, speculated about a different Super Bowl outcome if he had played. 

“Would we have won if I played? Probably. Maybe. I’m not sure,” he said.  “But I would say we were short about one or two plays, and I’ve seen a couple plays out there I could’ve made.”

Here's a trailer for the episode via SI: