Newton downplays 'pressure' of replacing Brady


Joining a new team comes with challenges for any player, never mind a quarterback coming off an injury-plagued season to replace arguably the greatest QB of all time.

That's the situation Cam Newton finds himself in after signing a one-year "prove it" deal with the New England Patriots in June. He'll officially replace Tom Brady as the Pats' starting quarterback Sunday vs. the Miami Dolphins.

Newton was asked during his Thursday press conference about replacing Brady, and he downplayed the idea he's feeling any additional pressure as the six-time Super Bowl champion's successor.

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“I’m ready. I don’t think it’s pressure. Just do your job, and I know I plan on doing mine," Newton said. "I know on opening day he’s not going to be worried about little ol’ me. I know on opening day I just have other things to be focusing on rather than who was here before me. I just know I've got to do right by my opportunity that I do get and make the most of it."

It won't be the last time Newton is asked about the Patriots' former signal-caller this year, but so far the 2015 NFL MVP is handling the questions about as well as he possibly can.

That attitude likely is part of why Newton was named an offensive captain for the 2020 Patriots. If he can maintain that positive mindset while "doing his job" at a high level starting on Sunday, it won't take long for him to become a fan favorite in New England.


Kickoff for Newton's Patriots debut vs. Miami is set for 1 p.m. ET on Sunday.