Cam had to work for Mac Jones high five in great Pats-Giants moment


Tom Brady isn't the only Patriots quarterback who's been left hanging on New England's sideline.

After Mac Jones threw his first preseason touchdown pass Sunday night against the New York Giants, starting QB Cam Newton went looking for the rookie to give him a high five.

The problem? Jones was striding purposefully in the other direction. But that didn't deter Newton, who broke into a brisk walk to track Jones down and achieve his goal.

We respect the dedication, Cam.

Newton is in danger of losing his starting job to Jones, the Patriots' first-round pick out of Alabama who has shown impressive poise in training camp and the preseason. But the 32-year-old veteran has handled the situation well, acting as a mentor to Jones while celebrating the young QB's achievements.

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Jones closed out his preseason with another strong performance Sunday, taking four sacks but completing 10 of 14 passes for 156 yards and a touchdown.

Newton played the Patriots' first two offensive series before assuming the role of cheerleader -- which he apparently took very seriously.