Cam's latest IG post proves Seahawks loss didn't set well


We know Cam Newton draws motivation from his critics. But the New England Patriots quarterback is also fueled by his own shortcomings.

Newton was stuffed at the goal line on the final play of the Patriots' Week 2 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. And according to his Instagram post Sunday morning, that failed effort is still very much on the QB's mind entering New England's Week 3 matchup with the Oakland Raiders.

Click here to watch the video on Instagram.

The video shows Newton re-watching film of the play as he gets treatment, calmly observing as safety Jamal Adams and his Seahawks teammates celebrate their victory.

The message: Newton is ticked off about coming up short last weekend and will do everything he can to avoid a repeat performance Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

Curran's Patriots-Raiders Preview

The 31-year-old QB had an otherwise strong game against Seattle, throwing for 397 passing yards and adding two rushing touchdowns. That failed rush to the left side was his lowlight, but it may serve an important purpose if it motivates Newton to light up the Raiders.