Chargers coach Anthony Lynn compares Patriots loss to Pearl Harbor

USA TODAY Sports photo

For the Chargers, about everything that could go wrong against the Patriots did go wrong.

Yet somehow head coach Anthony Lynn found a way to make it worse three days after the fact, thanks to a really unfortunate choice of words.

First, the context. New England steamrolled the Bolts to the tune of a 45-0 drubbing -- the worst defeat in Chargers franchise history. It was the first shutout for the Chargers since 2014 and dropped L.A. to a woeful 8-20 since making the playoffs two seasons ago.

So how could Lynn possibly make that worse? By comparing what his team is going through to one of the worst tragedies in American history.

"We're down, but we're not out. Just the other day was Pearl Harbor Day, one of the biggest defeats this country has had, but we bounced back from that," Lynn said. "And I kind of used that as an example with my staff the other day. We're down and out, but we're not dead yet. So we're going to finish this season out the right way, and today we're going to start with a good day of practice."

Yeesh. It's one thing to try to use motivation behind the scenes -- but it's another to say something like that at a press conference without thinking about how it might go over.