Could buzz around Dolphins make Tua Tagovailoa an option for Patriots?

Could buzz around Dolphins make Tua Tagovailoa an option for Patriots?

The first few picks of the 2020 NFL Draft seemed predetermined.

The Cincinnati Bengals would take LSU quarterback Joe Burrow at No. 1, and the Miami Dolphins would either trade up to No. 2 to select Tua Tagovailoa or hope the Alabama QB fell to them at No. 5.

But Tagovailoa to Miami apparently is far from a sure thing.

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ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. wrote Tuesday there's "some buzz" around Oregon QB Justin Herbert going to the Dolphins. That's after a report surfaced last week that Miami could try to trade up to the No. 1 pick to take Burrow.

Why the Dolphins' apparent cold feet with Tagovailoa?

The 22-year-old insists he's fully recovered from a broken hip, but as Kiper points out, Miami's team doctors can't conduct their own in-person assessment on his health due to the coronavirus pandemic restricting travel.

That's where the Patriots come in. With 12 picks in this year's draft, including No. 23 overall, New England in theory could consider trading up to draft Tagovailoa, whose college coach, Nick Saban, has a strong connection to Bill Belichick.

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The Boston Globe's Ben Volin resurfaced that idea Tuesday after initially floating it last week.

The Patriots drafting a QB isn't far-fetched; while our Tom E. Curran has reported they're confident in Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer as their QB duo in 2020, the Patriots still could draft a high-upside arm to compete with Stidham in training camp and potentially take the reins if the 23-year-old regresses.

But is Tagovailoa the right fit, and does New England have the draft capital to land him? Even if the Dolphins don't take Tua at No. 5, it's hard to see the QB-needy Los Angeles Chargers passing on him at No. 6.

The Patriots only have two picks in the top 90 (Nos. 23 and 87), so a jump up to No. 6 likely would require them to include a current player in the deal.

As recent history has shown, trading up in the first round to draft a QB can pay off in a big way. It's unclear whether Tagovailoa is worth the risk, but the option seemingly is there for New England.

Tom Brady takes shot at Charles Barkley after 'The Match'

Tom Brady takes shot at Charles Barkley after 'The Match'

Tom Brady engaged in plenty of trash-talking with his opponents Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods during "The Match" on Sunday. But they weren't the only ones going back-and-forth with the six-time Super Bowl champion.

NBA legend Charles Barkley was a commentator for the charity golf match and didn't hold back from letting Brady hear all about his lackluster performance through the first few holes. On the seventh hole, however, the ex-New England Patriots quarterback birdied a par-5 with what was unquestionably the best shot of the day to silence Barkley. 

The real mic drop from Brady came after the match, though, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB jabbed Barkley for his inability to win a championship during his NBA career.

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Boom, roasted.

Of course, the trash-talking was all just good fun. And it provided phenomenal entertainment while those involved in "The Match" helped raise more than $20 million to go toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

'Man In the Arena' producer sheds light on what to expect from Tom Brady documentary

'Man In the Arena' producer sheds light on what to expect from Tom Brady documentary

Last week it was revealed Tom Brady will have his own Last Dance type documentary titled Man In the Arena.

ESPN will air the nine-episode series, with each episode covering one of the ex-New England Patriots quarterback's nine Super Bowl runs. Gotham Chopra, a name Pats fans may recognize as the director of Tom vs. Time, is a producer for the docuseries which is set to premiere in 2021.

Chopra recently caught up with Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated's MMQB to chat about the upcoming documentary and what fans should expect.

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“It’s not Tom Brady’s Last Dance,” Chopra told Breer. “It’s not that. That may or may not exist 20 years from now, I don’t know. There’s this sort of immediacy to this.… The premise [of The Last Dance] was telling stories about the seasons, whereas [Brady’s], it does feel a little bit more real time. Tom continues to be an active player. So the idea is, ‘O.K., let’s talk about these nine seasons, this incredible body of work across 20 years, and how it’s still sort of affecting him.’”

“Jordan’s sitting on a couch, looking back, literally looking at stuff on the iPad, reminiscing about things. Tom’s kind of, just when you’re talking to him, it’s still very fresh, because he’s still processing a lot of things that may have happened across a season.”

As for who else will make appearances in the series, that remains to be seen. Chopra notes the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the interview process, but important figures in Brady's career such as Bill Belichick and Drew Bledsoe have already been reached out to.

“This is inside the mind of Tom,” Chopra said. “So we’ll ask Tom, I’ll use the most obvious one, 2001, What was it like working with Drew [Bledsoe] that season? Got it, now we go talk to Drew, and get his perspective on that. So yeah, there are other voices, other players, coaches, etc., and people off the field that had a lot of influence across those specific seasons that we’re trying to get. Now, we’ve got the added layer of complexity of getting to those people, like everyone else in the world, we’re dealing with that.”

Along with the Super Bowl appearances, Chopra says Man In the Arena will cover both the "Spygate" and "Deflate-gate" controversies. As for whether Brady's 2020 campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be included in the series, Chopra says there are no plans for that as of now.