Could McDaniels replace O'Brien as Texans head coach?


Could the Houston Texans' firing of Bill O'Brien lead to a shakeup in New England?

Considering the number of Patriots connections within the Texans organization, it's a valid question. And the most important connection of all just so happens to be at the top of Houston's organizational chart following O'Brien's firing.

Jack Easterby served as the Patriots' character coach for six years before joining Houston in 2019. Now, he's the Texans' executive vice president of football operations.

As one former Bill Belichick disciple departs, could Easterby eventually look to hire another in Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels? NBC Sports Boston's Patriots Pregame Live crew speculated about that potential scenario on Monday night (video above).

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"Does Josh McDaniels want to go [to Houston]? Is Houston a destination given the kind of disaster they've created for themselves trading DeAndre Hopkins and not having first-round picks the last couple of years, and also does Houston want to run it back with another Belichick guy?" asked DJ Bean.

"I think that could be a huge barrier to McDaniels if he does want that job. McDaniels isn't the only person Jack Easterby is close with," Phil Perry answered. "Easterby has worn a number of hats over the course of his professional life ... if I were [McDaniels], I'd be interested. Two words as to why: Deshaun Watson. If you have the QB and the power you're looking for as a head coach, I think it's a decent look."


For now, former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel will take over for O'Brien in the interim. But you can bet on this only being the beginning to the speculation about Houston's open head coaching position and the obvious McDaniels connection.