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Perry: Scarnecchia explains importance of getting Andrews back at center

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David Andrews was spotted back on the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium on Wednesday. The Patriots have a bye week this week, but getting their center and captain along the offensive line back to work has to be a positive sign for an offense that has experienced its share of difficulties lately.

Dante Scarnecchia told us on The Next Pats Podcast this week that getting Andrews back in the fold should help the unit overall, beyond just his position in the middle of the line.

"There's no doubt that David's a really good player," Scarnecchia said. "He's the starting center. I love James Ferentz a lot. He's a really, really tough guy and a good player. David is a captain. He's a leader. He does a great job of communicating to everyone what they need to do and how to do it. When necessary, give help to certain guys that may need help against certain pass rushers when it's possible to do it. So getting him back in there will help no doubt."

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The Patriots are still without right tackle Marcus Cannon, who's also dealt with a concussion. Scarnecchia explained that the sooner the entire top-five grouping along the offensive line can get back to work together, the better off the offense will be.


"Hopefully they get Marcus back in there and see what they want to do at guard with Isaiah [Wynn] or Cole Strange, and see where all that goes," Scarnecchia said.

"But you're a lot better off when you're playing with the same five guys week in, week out so they can develop continuity and consistency in the things they do and how they do it. When they get all those guys back in there, hopefully it'll work out the way we all want to see it work out."