Deion Branch responds to Cassius Marsh's Patriots comments


Cassius Marsh wants to make one thing clear: He did not enjoy his stay in New England.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end appeared in nine games with the Patriots in 2017 before being waived mid-season. That brief tenure really doesn't sit well with Marsh, who claims the organization "treats players like crap."

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Deion Branch disagrees.

The two-time Super Bowl champion played seven total seasons in Foxboro and says he had a much different experience.

"New England isn't for every player," Branch said Tuesday on Early Edition. "New England is not the place you want to go and think you're just gonna play first and you do your work later. No, it's you work first and then we play. As far as playing the game in New England, I do not agree with him on that. I never had a situation where I felt myself or any of my former teammates felt like they were mistreated."

This wasn't Marsh's first time voicing his displeasure with how the Patriots do things. Back in 2018, he said there was "no fun" playing for Bill Belichick and Co.

Despite the team's subpar 2020 season, Branch doesn't expect Belichick to start catering to the players any time soon.

"I think it's all about the players who they draft, the young guys coming out of college, they will follow suit," Branch said. "I think they do a great job of going out, make sure they do their due diligence drafting the right guys that fit the system.


"As far as Bill and the coaching staff adjusting to the players, that will never happen, trust me. I think if they get back on the right track and start winning more games than losses, it'll be fun again in New England."

Hear everything Branch had to say in the video above.