Ben Watson can relate to Metcalf's amazing chase-down tackle


DK Metcalf reminded us Sunday night why you should never give up on a play. But he's not the first player who's offered such a reminder.

The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver made one of the best hustle plays of the season on "Sunday Night Football," running a total of 90 yards to track down Budda Baker just before he reached the end zone after the Arizona Cardinals safety intercepted Russell Wilson.

Metcalf's incredible effort left fans in awe -- and drew a shout-out from former New England Patriots tight end Ben Watson.

Patriots fans of a certain age know Watson is well-qualified on this subject.

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It was Watson, after all, who raced 100 yards across the field to chase down cornerback Champ Bailey and prevent a touchdown in New England's 2005 Divisional Round loss to the Denver Broncos.

Former Patriots director of player personnel Scott Pioli certainly remembers that play.

So, who did it better: Metcalf or Watson? We're giving the edge to Watson, who ran a further distance in a higher-stakes game and showed off impressive speed for a 255-pound tight end.

Unfortunately, both Metcalf and Watson ended their nights in defeat: The Seahawks lost to the Cardinals 37-34 in overtime Sunday night, while Watson's Patriots fell 27-13 to the Broncos in that Jan. 2006 contest.

Don't be surprised if Metcalf joins Watson on the NFL's highlight reel of best chase-down tackles of all time, though.