Does Travis Kelce's Super Bowl celebration rival those of Rob Gronkowski?


When it comes to celebrating Super Bowl titles, few players, if any, have had better celebrations that Rob Gronkowski.

The former New England Patriots tight end had notoriously great antics at the Patriots' Super Bowl parades. This including a one-handed catch of a beer which he chugged and spiked, as you can see here via Steve Perrault.

Gronk had another similar moment at the 2015 Super Bowl parade. But his best -- or at least the most hilarious -- post-Super Bowl celebration came when he accidently dented the team's 2019 Lombardi Trophy with a baseball at the team's visit to Fenway Park.

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That said, Gronk may now have a rival when it comes to celebrations. And it's another one of the NFL's best tight ends.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce was seen using the Lombardi Trophy to chug a beer. You can see his method here courtesy of ESPN.

We have to admit that's a pretty slick and clever move by Kelce. But does it reach the same level as Gronk's celebrations? Probably not, as Gronk's were all spontaneous while Kelce's action was pre-planned.

And truth be told, it will be hard for anyone to ever top Gronk denting the Lombardi Trophy. That story just perfectly encapsulates Gronk's fun-loving off-field antics and personality, and the dent will remain a part of the trophy for posterity.