Dolphins' Flores reacts to death of James White's father

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores began his press conference Monday with a tribute to James White's late father.

Brian Flores had something more important than football on his mind Monday morning.

The Miami Dolphins head coach began his press conference by sharing a message for the family of New England Patriots running back James White, whose father died Sunday in a car crash.

"I want to send condolences from myself and the Dolphins to James White and his family," Flores said, via the Orlando Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly. "His mom is in critical condition. His father is an incredible person who did a lot for young people in South Florida."

Tyrone White, a captain in the Miami-Dade County police department, was killed in a two-car crash in Cooper City, Fla., that left his wife, Lisa, in critical condition and sent another person to the hospital, according to police.

"We're praying for his mom right now," Flores added, via Kelly. "His dad was a truly great man who did a lot for a lot of people. I think people need to know about that."

Flores knows White well after spending five seasons with the Patriots running back as a New England assistant coach from 2014 to 2018. He's spent the past two seasons living and working in Miami, too, so he's well aware of the impact White's father had in his community.

Flores joined several of White's current and former colleagues in expressing their condolences for White after Sunday's tragedy. Ex-Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sent White a heartfelt tweet, teammate Devin McCourty paid tribute to White after his pick-six in Sunday's Patriots-Seahawks game and Seattle QB Russell Wilson delivered White a touching message in his postgame interview.