Lane Johnson long ago clinched the title of Sorest Winner Of All Time. But, hey, why stop now?

Even though his Eagles teammates are trying to put last season behind them and focus on the challenges of defending their Super Bowl championship, Johnson continues to fixate on the Patriots . . . even after a last-second escape in an NFC Divisional Round rematch on the opening night of the NFL season, a night when Philadelphia raised its first, and long-awaited, Super Bowl banner.

One of the key plays of Philly's 18-12 win over Atlanta was a gadget-play pass to quarterback Nick Foles, similar, but not identical, to the Philly Special play that the Eagles used to score a touchdown against the Pats last February. And Johnson made sure to explain the difference:

Just the latest in Johnson's broadsides against the Pats, which started before the Super Bowl and continued here and here and here and here.  (At the end of that last one, on August 15, Johnson proclaimed he was "over it. ... It's a totally different year." Being over it lasted, let's see, three weeks.)


Imagine how mouthy he'd be if he actually won another Super Bowl, which would only put him three behind New England's "fear-based organization"?