Ex-Patriot Matt Light shares epic tales about pranking Bill Belichick


There are common pranksters, and then there's Matt Light.

The former Patriots offensive tackle was notorious for pulling elaborate pranks during his 11 seasons in New England from 2001 to 2011, and no one was off-limits.

Case in point: Light had the audacity to prank the Grinch himself, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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Light recently joined ex-Patriots teammate Willie McGinest on NFL Network to share not one but two stories of him pulling one over on Belichick and living to tell the tale.

Light's first gag was replacing Belichick's computer mouse with a "shocking mouse" that would zap the Patriots head coach when he touched it. Here's a shocker: Belichick didn't like that.

"That did not go well," Light recalled. "He lost all of the information on his computer, he was angry at me for about a month, I had to run a little extra in practice. But we made it through it."

Belichick's assistant, Berj Najarian, even told Light that he "went a little too far" with the mouse prank.

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And yet the Patriots' chief prankster went back for more. Light also detailed the time he gave Belichick an exploding pen as a gag and tried to play it off like someone set him up.

"I remember taking a ball up, and I handed him the ball and said, 'One of the vets asked me to get this ball signed, coach.' And he looks at the pen funny and he hits it and it surprised the heck out of him," Light said. "And I turned around like, 'Oh come on guys!' like they set me up."


To be honest, we're surprised Light lasted 11 seasons in New England after stunts like that. (The offensive lineman also once tricked Brandon Meriweather into giving Belichick his bar tab; check that story out in the video player above.)

Then again, Belichick isn't exactly the curmudgeonly coach he comes off as to the media. In fact, McGinest noted that Belichick was all smiles as he made Light run extra sprints (even if it was a vengeful smile).

Light eventually made it to the Patriots Hall of Fame, too, so it appears he emerged from these bold pranks unscathed.