Woodhead has priceless take on Belichick's press conference 'fashion'

While Bill Belichick was roundly mocked on social media for the sweatshirt he wore during a press conference Wednesday, former Patriots running back Danny Woodhead had a much different take.

For all of Bill Belichick's success as a coach, he is also well-known for something else: his fashion sense, or lack thereof. 

Just Google "hoodie" and some of the first images you see are of Belichick stalking the sideline in his signature item of clothing. Whether or not the sleeves are cut off, the Patriots head coach and the hoodie go hand-in-hand.

But he doesn't always wear a hoodie. Sometimes he wears something a little more... questionable.

Take the sweatshirt he wore during a press conference with reporters on Wednesday morning. NFL Twitter exploded with reaction to the dingy looking top with a tattered neck and multiple holes.

Former Patriot Danny Woodhead absolutely loved the look, however, taking to Twitter with his own reaction.

Woodhead isn't alone. In a new column for NBC Sports Boston, former Patriots QB Matt Cassel explained that people outside 1 Patriot Place make a much bigger deal about Belichick's wardrobe than the players on his teams.

"I’m sure some players over the years -- especially guys like Mike Vrabel who love to get after him -- have given him a hard time about his outfits," Cassel wrote. "But it’s all in good fun, and he doesn’t care."

And those players? Some of them actually love his fashion sense.