Here's every scenario in which Patriots can clinch playoff berth in Week 15


It's officially playoff clinching scenarios season.

Week 15 starts Thursday, and the New England Patriots are one team that could potentially secure a postseason berth this weekend.

In fact, there are 15 scenarios in which it could happen. The problem is none of them are likely to happen.

Rob Ninkovich explains why Patriots will beat Colts in Week 15

That said, here's the full list of all 15 ways (via the Patriots can reach the playoffs. They all include a win Saturday night over the Indianapolis Colts on the road and a Miami Dolphins loss or tie versus the New York Jets on Sunday.

The Patriots are one of seven teams that can clinch playoff berths in Week 15.

Here are the other six teams and what they could potentially clinch.

  • Tennessee Titans: AFC South
  • Arizona Cardinals: Playoff berth
  • Dallas Cowboys: NFC East
  • Green Bay Packers: NFC North or playoff berth
  • Los Angeles Rams: Playoff berth
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFC South or playoff berth

The Patriots enter Week 15 with a league-best seven-game win streak. They lead the AFC East division and occupy the No. 1 seed, too.

Kickoff on Saturday night is scheduled for 8:20 p.m. ET.