Trademarks have become Tom Brady's trademark, apparently.

The 42-year-old quarterback already owns a trademark for TB12, which he used to brand his health and wellness company, TB12 Sports.

He tried and failed to trademark "Tom Terrific" after complaints from angry Tom Seaver fans.

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But now that the former New England Patriots quarterback is shipping up to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has eyes on another slogan.

Brady's agency, Yee & Dubin Sports, filed an application to trademark "TB x TB" on March 20, the same day Brady signed with the Bucs, according to Fox Business.

The Bucs used that same slogan Friday morning to promote a hype video welcoming Brady to Tampa Bay. (Tom Brady x Tampa Bay ... get it?)

Fox Business cited a document from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which noted the trademark is intended for "commercial use."

Translation: Expect "TB x TB" T-shirts and other merchandise to hit (virtual) stores if Brady's application goes through.

If the application fails? Brady still has that two-year, $50 million contract to fall back on.