Curran: How Bailey Zappe was exposed vs. Bears


Time to pump the brakes with "Zappe Fever"?

Monday night's 33-14 loss to the Chicago Bears was a catastrophe for the New England Patriots' quarterback position. Mac Jones got the start in his return from injury, but he was replaced by rookie Bailey Zappe after throwing an interception in the second quarter. Zappe led the Patriots on two touchdown drives before a dismal second half.

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After impressive performances vs. the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, was Zappe finally exposed against the Bears? Kay Adams asked our Tom E. Curran that question on Tuesday's Quick Slants.

"I think so," Curran answered. "I don't think this means he is incapable of being an NFL quarterback. I think he is fully capable as a rookie in the place that he's in. It shows that he can play from ahead, he can orchestrate an offense, he can throw with accuracy. But really, he's a fourth-round pick from Western Kentucky. He's got an awful lot to learn.

"And what I think is the confusion at the quarterback position, this so-called controversy, to an extent was cleared up by the end of the night. The conclusion that came after the confusion is that Bailey Zappe's not ready. I'm not sure that Mac Jones is trending in a highly-positive direction, but right now when you compare the two apples to apples, even last night notwithstanding, Mac Jones has physical capabilities that Bailey Zappe doesn't right now."


Adams adds that Jones' track record should settle any kind of "QB controversy" that still exists in Foxboro.

"He also has a list. He has games. There's plays you can point to going back to last year to this year against tougher competition than the Patriots have faced this year that you have to look at as far as body of work and confidence," she said.

Whether it's Jones or Zappe under center -- or both? -- the Patriots will look to bounce back when they visit the New York Jets on Sunday.

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