Gronk's random 'maple syrup' line had a pretty great origin


The quote seemed a little out there, even by Rob Gronkowski's standards.

After hooking up with Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady for a beautiful back-shoulder touchdown grab in Tampa Bay's Week 7 win over the Las Vegas Raiders, the veteran tight end described the play thusly:

"It's like a saying my mom used to say: It must be maple syrup because butter don't drizzle like that."

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With due respect to Gronkowski's mother, that saying doesn't really apply to back-shoulder fades. So, why did Gronk say it?

Turns out the line was part of a bit for NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Gronkowski joined Dalvin Cook, DK Metcalf, Jalen Ramsey, Travis Kelce and other NFL stars tasked with dropping "nonsense phrases" into their answers at recent press conferences. (Kelce's "roller coaster tycoon" line gave us a good chuckle.)

Naturally, a reporter pressed Gronk about what the heck he was talking about, which prompted this response from the former New England Patriots tight end:

"Syrup drizzles; you've got to make that play. And a stick of butter, it's a block. You've got to put it in the microwave to melt it, that just takes too long. You've got to make that play right away, baby."


Props to Gronkowski for thinking on his feet and making (some?) sense of his nonsense quote. Apparently that year in the entertainment business during his retirement trained him well.