Would Josh McDaniels fit with Jags? Here's what one NFL insider thinks


Once again, the head coaching position with the Jacksonville Jaguars is up for grabs.

Once again, the name of New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is floating around for potential job openings.

Could Jacksonville be the job McDaniels finally flies the Foxboro coop for?

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Appearing on WEEI's Gresh & Keefe on Thursday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said that McDaniels needs to "make sure to look for a good, stable, properly operating franchise," which would seemingly take the Jaguars out of the running.

"Is this a job Josh McDaniels would want?" Rapoport asked. "As he goes into this process now, that should be the question every time."

Founded in 1995, Jacksonville had only two head coaches in its first 17 years of existence: Tom Coughlin and Jack Del Rio. Since Shahid Khan bought the team in 2012, however, the franchise has already cycled through four fulltime head coaches: Mike Mularkey, Gus Bradley, Doug Marrone and Urban Meyer, whose reign of disaster lasted only 13 games before he was fired earlier this week.

Is that the kind of situation McDaniels wants to step into following a failed run of his own with the Denver Broncos and his infamous change of heart at the 11th hour with the Indianapolis Colts?

Rapoport also mentioned the presence of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

"You do have Trevor Lawrence, who I think is going to be good, but honestly, watching him this year you really don’t know," Rapoport said. "Then you have an owner who has not covered himself in glory over his 10 years."


Lawrence has struggled mightily out of the gate, throwing nine touchdown passes against a league-leading 14 interceptions, completing only 58.2% of his passes. 

McDaniels has had great success with the fifth quarterback off the board last April in Mac Jones, who's thrown for 16 touchdown passes and eight interceptions while completing 70.3% of his throws -- third in the NFL.

"It’s a weird year for head-coach candidates," Rapoport said. "I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of great candidates. This will probably be more of a year for the retreads, former head coaches than anything else -- Dan Quinn, Doug Peterson and Vance Joseph. I think those guys will be kind of hotter than some of the younger guys, but obviously Josh is in that category."

Continuity in New England may be more enticing for the 45-year-old McDaniels, who's now in his 10th season back with the Patriots and 13th as offensive coordinator overall.