Colts GM Chris Ballard on Josh McDaniels: 'I didn't want the explanation'

Colts GM Chris Ballard on Josh McDaniels: 'I didn't want the explanation'

The Colts GM is a huge dork and ended his press conference by saying “the rivalry is back on” in the most forced way imaginable. 

Before that, Chris Ballard discussed Josh McDaniels’ decision to back out of the team’s head coaching job after the team announced his hiring. 

Ballard said that after the team had made its announcement — which came following speculation that McDaniels might stay with the Patriots — he got a phone call from the Patriots offensive coordinator Tuesday night. 

“He said he had bad news for me,” Ballard recalled. “I just said, ‘I just need a yes or no answer. Are you in or out?’ We went around for a minute, he said he’s out, and I said, ‘OK. We’re moving forward and I wish you the best of luck.’”

Ballard did not get into the specifics of why McDaniels chose to return to the Patriots, which has been reported as both a reworked contract and clarification of Bill Belichick’s status. 

“I live in a black and white world,” Ballard said. “Either you’re in or you’re out. I didn’t want the explanation.”

Asked about the Patriots’ role in McDaniels’ decision, Ballard repeated that he didn’t care. 

“Josh called me, made a decision,” Ballard said. “He’s not coming. I don’t deal with New England. I have no idea what they’re thinking.” 

Then, as the press conference ended, Ballard dropped that “the rivalry is back on” line. The Patriots have won their last eight meetings with the Colts by a combined 214 points. That’s not true, but you believed it for a second. That’s how little of a rivalry the Patriots and Colts are right now. 

WATCH: Rob Gronkowski loses WWE 24/7 title to R-Truth

WATCH: Rob Gronkowski loses WWE 24/7 title to R-Truth

Rob Gronkowski's run as WWE 24/7 champion has come to an end.

The former New England Patriots tight end, who has been the 24/7 champ for the last 58 days, was defeated by R-Truth in his backyard while filming a TikTok video. Yes, that's a lot to process, so we'll just let you watch the clip below:

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What that means for Gronk's WWE future is uncertain, but it looks like it's officially time for No. 87 to shift his focus to the upcoming season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gronk initially won the 24/7 championship at WrestleMania 36, where he pinned Mojo Rawley.

Dante Scarnecchia hints at new Patriots offensive line coaching structure

Dante Scarnecchia hints at new Patriots offensive line coaching structure

Dante Scarnecchia reportedly helped the New England Patriots at this year's NFL Scouting Combine, but he's not coming out of retirement a second time.

How do we know this? Because the former Patriots offensive line coach has already named his successors.

In a recent interview with ESPN's Mike Reiss, Scarnecchia all but confirmed that Patriots assistants Cole Popovich and Carmen Bricillo will coach the offensive line in tandem this season.

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"They're both really good coaches and both really good people. Very, very smart guys," Scarnecchia told Reiss. "I know no one has been named, and there are reasons for that, but clearly those are the two guys that are going to do it, and I think they'll do an outstanding job.

"The other thing is they know the players. It's not like they're new, coming in from the outside. They've both been around there -- especially Cole, who has been in the system for five years. Carm for one."

The Patriots' official website (which has never been heavy on details) still lists Scarnecchia as the team's offense line coach. Popovich is listed as New England's assistant running backs coach, while Bricillo is labeled a "coaching assistant."

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Both assistant coaches have experience on the offensive line, though: Popovich was the offensive line coach at Minot State for two seasons until joining the Patriots in 2015, while Bricillo spent nine years as Youngstown State's offensive line coach before coming to New England in 2019.

The Patriots went outside the organization to replace Scarnecchia the first time he retired, naming Dave DeGuglielmo their offensive line coach in 2014. DeGuglielmo lasted just two seasons in New England, though, and it appears the Patriots are promoting from within this time to replace the legendary Scarnecchia -- who, to be clear, is not coming back in 2020.

"I've done it for 48 years. I think that's plenty," Scarnecchia told Reiss, "and I'm really, really grateful for every day, every year of those 48, and all the things it's provided us."