Meyers explains valuable trait Mac Jones has shown in Patriots camp


Rookie quarterback Mac Jones has stepped into the NFL and acquitted himself quite nicely in his first training camp with the New England Patriots.

The 2021 first-round draft pick has gone through the normal ups and downs of a rookie, but overall, his performance has been impressive.

One of the most encouraging aspects of Jones' development so far has been his ability to learn a complex offense and quickly figure out how to correct any mistakes he's made.

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"He's a real fast learner," Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers told reporters Tuesday. "This isn't an easy offense to just jump into and pick up and play, especially dealing with Josh McDaniels, who expects the best out of you everyday.

"The fact that Mac can go in, get yelled at, bounce back and come back and do the right thing, and not make the same mistakes twice, that's something that's really good to be a Patriot and have."

Jones' battle with veteran Cam Newton for the starting quarterback job is the most exciting part of this year's Patriots training camp. It's been a long time since there's been a Pats QB competition of this caliber and intrigue.

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The QB battle is among the reasons why Thursday night's matchup versus the Washington Football Team at Gillette Stadium is one of the most-anticipated Patriots preseason games in many years.

It will be the first time Jones plays against live competition from an opposing team since joining the Patriots. How he handles the opportunity will provide valuable insight into how ready he is to play meaningful games at the pro level.