Edelman has great reaction to Bill Belichick's viral presser soundbites


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's was in a fairly cheerful mood during his press conference Friday morning, and two answers got the attention of one of his former players.

There's no better way for reporters to get a great, in-depth answer from Belichick than asking him about NFL history (especially the 1980s New York Giants) or the importance of special teams.

Belichick was asked Friday about the long-snapper position and how it impacts roster building, and he went on for eight to 10 minutes talking about the history and evolution of that role. He enjoyed it so much he was smiling afterward.

Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, judging by the following tweet, wasn't surprised at the length of Belichick's answer or his enthusiasm about the topic.

In a response to a question about the negative reaction on social media to certain plays that happen in games, the Patriots coach gave a classic Belichick answer. Edelman couldn't resist responding with some of the fake social media platforms that Belichick has named in the past.

Edelman seems to be enjoying retirement, but it's clear he's keeping a close eye on his former Patriots teammates and coaches. He's also got a new role as a co-host on "Inside the NFL".