Julian Edelman has theory behind who dented Stanley Cup in Tampa Bay


The Stanley Cup suffered some damage during the victory parade for the Lightning in Tampa on Monday, and one former New England Patriot wonders if his ex-teammate had something to do with it.

After the trophy was revealed to be dented during the team's victory parade along the Hillsborough River, Julian Edelman took to Twitter to wonder if Rob Gronkowski was the culprit.

Edelman's theory may have something to do with Gronk's history when it comes celebrating championships.

Following New England's sixth Super Bowl title, the Patriots appeared at Fenway Park for the 2019 Red Sox home opener a few months later. Gronkowski, who at the time had retired from football, dented New England's latest Lombardi Trophy as he squared around to bunt a baseball before the official ceremony.

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Edelman was culpable in the incident himself, though: He's the one who initially threw the pitch to Gronk.

This is hardly the first time the Stanley Cup has been dinged up during a celebration. Following the Bruins' win in 2011, the Cup took a fall during Michael Ryder's day with the trophy in Newfoundland.