Kendrick Bourne had hilarious reaction to Pats trading back in draft


New England Patriots players were just as disappointed as their fans when the team traded back in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Pats quarterback Mac Jones hosted a watch party for his teammates during the first round of the draft on Thursday. Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne documented the day in a video posted to his YouTube channel, and it's full of great behind-the-scenes moments.

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The highlight, though, was Bourne and his teammates' reactions to the Patriots trading the No. 21 overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for picks 29, 94 and 121.

"Oh my (expletive) goodness," Bourne said after the trade was made. "Oh my god, bro. ... I've been waiting all day for this (expletive)! Bill! Bill! We've been waiting all day. I'm out of here, bro."

All Jones could do was laugh.

Watch below (19:15 for reaction to the trade):

The Chiefs ended up selecting Trent McDuffie with the 21st pick, and Bourne had a message for the Washington cornerback.

"You lucky you didn't come to the Patriots, 'cause you was gonna get routed up at practice!" he said.

New England took Chattanooga guard Cole Strange at No. 29. Bourne left Jones' party before the pick was made, but we imagine he was as caught off guard as the rest of the NFL world by the selection.


You can check out more scenes from the NFL Draft watch party at Jones' house, including a hibachi dinner that looked like a blast, in the video above.